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1. Myrrhbearers Monastery

Address:  144 Bert Washburn Road, Otego, NY 13825-2265 
Divine Liturgy Service: English
Established: 1977
 Nuns Monastery.
Extended Information/Photos:The nuns are supporting themselves by doing farm work, artistries and crafting orthodox cult items. Belongs to the American Orthodox Church.
WWW Links: http://holymyrrhbearers.com/


2. St Irene Chrysovalantou Monastery

Address:  36-07 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105 
Phone: (718) 626-6225
Divine Liturgy Service
Established: 1972
 Monks Greek Monastery.
Extended Information/Photos: N/A
WWW Links: http://www.stirene.org/


3. The New Skete:    Monasteries: New Skete, Our Lady of the Sign and Emmaus House

 The Nuns of New Skete,
343 Ash Grove Rd.
Cambridge, NY 12816-9704
Office: 518-677-3810
Fax: 518-677-3001
The Monks Monastery can be reached at:

Monks of New Skete, Attn: Boarding & Training,
250 New Skete Ln.
PO Box 128
Cambridge, NY 12816-0128
Office: 518-677-3928
Fax: 518-677-2373

The Companions/Couples Monastery can be reached at:
The Companions of New Skete,
111 New Skete Ln.
PO Box 189
Cambridge, NY 12816-0189
Office: 518-677-8863
, email: Companionsofnewskete@mybizz.net
Divine Liturgy Service: English
Established: 1970s
Other:  The New Skete is a Orthodox-Catholic community of 3 Monasteries. There are monks, nuns and couples/companions separate Monasteries all following the same monastic lifestyle.  
The monks breed, raise, and (with help from both the nuns and the companions) train German shepherd dogs, as well as training all breeds at their kennels. They have published two highly acclaimed books on dog training: How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend and The Art of Raising a Puppy.
The nuns operate New Skete Kitchens, offering their nationally famous cheesecakes, fruitcake, biscotti, muffins and cookies. The nuns also paint and sell religious icons, t-shirts and sweat-shirts imprinted with handsome renderings of the New Skete German Shepherd, as well as exquisite cards of both icons and fine art photography.
New Skete Farms produce gourmet food products from their aromatic Smokehouse high atop Two Top Mountain, near Cambridge, NY. New Skete also offers hospitality to visitors and pilgrims at their guesthouse.
Over three decades, the monks have perfected their curing and smoking techniques to prepare foods with greater tenderness, more robust flavor and less fat and shrinkage when cooked. There is no added water. The monks prepare and pack their products with loving attention, so take the time to savor every bite.
The communities also offer hospitality to visitors and pilgrims.
Extended Information/Photos:
WWW Links:


4. St. Nicholas Monastery

Address: 100 Wesley Avenue, Beacon, NY 12508-2638
Divine Liturgy Service
Established: 1991
 For Men Monastery
Extended Information/Photos: The Monastery was originally founded in 1991 in Providence RI. The Chapel of St. Nicholas was established in Glenham NY in 1993, and moved to the newly-purchased monastery in nearby Beacon NY in 1999.
WWW Links: http://omna.malf.net/nicholas.htm


5.  Novo Diveevo Russian Orthodox Convent Monastery

Address: 100 Smith Rd, Nanuet, NY 10954
Divine Liturgy Service: Slavonic
Established: N/A
 For Women Monastery
Extended Information/Photos:
WWW Links: http://omna.malf.net/deevivo.htm


6. Holy Trinity  Monastery

Address: PO Box 36, Jordanville, NY 13361-0036 
Divine Liturgy Service: Slavonic. A Liturgy is served in English once a month.
Established: 1928
For Men
Extended Information/Photos:Holy Trinity Monastery may be considered one of the most important monasteries in North America. Since 1928,  it has grown into an extensive complex which includes a cathedral, seminary, extensive publishing/printing facilities, vegetable garden, apiary (honey bees), and large cemetery.
WWW Links: http://omna.malf.net/htm.htm


7. St. Mark's Orthodox Monastery

Address:  419 E. 117th Street, New York, NY 10035
Divine Liturgy Service: in English
Established: N/A
 For Men
Extended Information/Photos: 117th Street near 1st Avenue, Manhattan. Monastery maintains a hostel for Russian emigrees sent by Synod. Priest serves a parish on Sundays.
WWW Links: http://omna.malf.net/mark.htm


8.  Community of St. Elizabeth Monastery

Address: RD #2, Box 383C, Mohawk, NY 13407 
Divine Liturgy Service: Services in Slavonic and English. Daily Vespers and Compline are in Slavonic, at convent chapel, open to public. Divine Liturgy on Sunday is at Holy Trinity Monastery, nearby.
Established: N/A
For Women
Extended Information/Photos: Correspondence and telephone calls may be received in English, Russian, German and Spanish.
WWW Links: http://omna.malf.net/beth.htm


9.  Monastery of Saint Nektarios

Address: 100 Lake Anawanda Road, Roscoe, NY 12776
Divine Liturgy Service
Established: 1998
For Men 
Extended Information/Photos: N/A
WWW Links:



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